Thanksgiving Weekend

Sorry for my long absence. Being off for Thanksgiving for me means not being around a working computer. But I got a new computer today and I'm back and kicking. Thank goodness it was a slow week for movie news.

I managed to catch Happy Feet, Stranger than Fiction, and Bobby this week. I don't generally catch the animated films right off the bat, and Stranger slipped through the net, but I loved them both. Happy Feet is the smartest animated film since Spirited Away and the most beautiful since Dinosaur. I loved it.

Stranger than Fiction is a smart, funny, touching, all around well made mainstream film. Which is a rarity nowadays. It was a pleasure to watch, and while now we know Will Ferrell can act, I think Emma Thompson deserves an Oscar nomination. She was fantastic.

Bobby didn't impress me. And with the passing of Robert Altman it made the film's rambling interlocking stories seem even more banal. No one did it like Altman.

I see For Your Consideration tomorrow. I can't will probably be one big inside joke...but those are the best when you're actually in on them. Seeing critics and bloggers and the whole Oscar campaign process getting lampooned...a system I am a part of...should be a lot of fun.

Anyway it's late...I just wanted to post a quick update so no one would think I died. I'll be back tomorrow with box office estimates for the weekend and all that other fun stuff.


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