The "Borat" Saga Continues...

From The Hollywood Reporter:

Fox attorneys filed a legal brief Monday slamming a request for a preliminary injunction against the hit comedy "Borat" as a "fatuous" attempt to thwart free speech, even as the studio's legal battle spread to a second front.

"Plaintiffs may claim that they were tricked 'into making fools out of themselves' and becoming 'unsuspecting players' in the movie 'Borat,' " the studio said in opposing the request. "They never contend ... that bigoted and misogynistic statements were put into their mouths.

"The studio and three production entities are being sued by a pair of University of South Carolina students whose seemingly drunken on-camera interviews were included in Sacha Baron Cohen's outlandish mockumentary about a tour of America by a faux news reporter from Kazakhstan.

A temporary restraining order against the film's continued distribution was denied Nov. 9, when the suit was first filed. A hearing has been set for Dec. 7 in the Santa Monica branch of California Superior Court on the students' subsequent request for a preliminary injunction.

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They can't be serious. They want an injunction against the movie? They want it pulled from theaters? Are they crazy? Hello? Censorship! They just don't like it that the whole world knows that they're misogynistic racists now. AND they signed a release.

Movie City News has posted copies of the defendant's statements, the primary statement by producer Todd Schulman, and backup statements by Chelsea Barnard and Joan Hensen.

I read all three of them. And I really don't think these three frat boys have a case at all. Time will tell I guess. But no judge in their right mind is going to hand these guys a penny. Or yank Borat from theaters.


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