Agents Want Academy Voting Block

I don't see why this is such a big deal. According to The Envelope, Hollywood Talent Agents want to be able to vote for the Academy Awards. The Academy continues to (rightly) refuse. Academy chief Bruce Davis said "Membership is extended to people who make the art, not people who provide services, however valuable, to the people who make the art."

And he couldn't be more right. Why do you think critics are not allowed to vote for the Oscars? It's for the artists who make the films. This shouldn't even be an issue. Yes the agents spot talent, yes they help actors get project, yes sometimes it is because of them that an actor took a role that led to their win. But imagine these big firms who represent actors having voting priveleges, they would all get behind their client (because Oscars are a great marketing tool) and it would skew the votes.

I'm sure that happens with producers too, studio bigwigs backing their own horses, but at least they have a hand in making the films. Agents don't. End of discussion.

Click here to read the story at The Envelope.


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