The Early Buzz on "Apocalypto"

Peter Bart over at Variety, who caught an early screening of Mel Gibson's Apocalypto, had this to say about Mad Mel's latest film:

"From Mel Gibson's dark, troubled mind has emerged yet another brilliant exercise in filmmaking, extremely violent, yet compelling. The inner demons that play havoc with his personal life continue to energize his creative vision."

Hmmm...that is certainly good news. I didn't like The Passion of the Christ, but I have great respect for Mel as an artist. He makes movies the way he wants to, and doesn't let anyone persuade him otherwise. He is uncompromising in his vision. That is the mark of a true artist.

I hope people are able to separate the artist from the art and not let his recent anti-Semitic breakdown turn them away. The movie looks fantastic, and whether you like Mel or not, it seems a shame to miss out on a great film because of who directed it.

I hope it's the great mad masterpiece that it looks like it is.


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