A Brand New Week

Wow...what a crazy weekend I had. I must have sleep-walked through it, I found more spelling mistakes and errors in my last two blog entries than I 've ever had. I even misspelled the title of Apocalypto in the title of my last blog (don't worry it's been fixed). How embarassing.

But this is a brand new week. And it's a big one for the film world. I started it off on the right foot yesterday by taking in screenings of both Babel and The Queen, both of which are wonderful films and deserve every accolade they are getting. Helen Mirren is absolutely stunning in The Queen, and Brad Pitt definitely deserves recognition for Babel, it's the best performance he has ever given. Rinko Kikuchi is also quite a find as the deaf-mute girl in the film's Tokyo sequences. Actually the whole cast of both films deserve to be recognized, but until the Academy creates a Best Ensemble Cast category like the SAG Awards do, then that's not going to happen.

Dreamgirls makes its big Hollywood premiere on Wednesday, so we will finally find out if it's actually as wonderful as it's supposed to be, or if all this tounge-wagging about it being the Best Picture frontrunner was for nothing.

I hope it's the latter...but I have a sneaking suspicion it's the former. Films with this much hype rarely live up to it.


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