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Review | Prey | 2022

It says a lot about the state of current cinema that a Predator  film, once a tentpole action franchise for 20th Century Studios, has been unceremoniously dumped on Hulu without even so much as a token theatrical release. It's even more telling that  Prey  is actually really good - easily the best  Predator  sequel and perhaps one of the most beautiful action films to be released by a major studio since maybe Mad Max: Fury Road . But a cast made up almost entirely of indigenous actors and featuring no big-name stars, Disney (parent company of 20th Century studios) buried it on Hulu with little fanfare, barely even acknowledging that it's a  Predator  film at all. Set in the 1700s,  Prey  finds the Predator doing battle with a group of Comanche warriors, led by Naru (Amber Midthunder) an aspiring hunter whose skills are consistently underestimated by her fellow warriors. But the arrival of the mysterious creature at last gives her a chance to prove herself worthy - using primiti

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