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Review | Infinity Pool | 2023

Imagine Claire Denis' Stars at Noon  but with some fucked up kinky sex and you have some notion of what you're walking into when you go see Brandon Cronenberg's latest feature, Infinity Pool .  The son of renowned filmmaker, David Cronenberg, Brandon Cronenberg made something of a name for himself with Possessor  in 2020. In  Infinity Pool , he seems to tackle one of his father's most infamous works - Crash (1996), and put his own unique spin on it. Here we have struggling author James Foster (Alexander SkarsgĂ„rd) and his wife, Em (Cleopatra Coleman) who are on vacation in a fictional Balkan country known for its beautiful beaches and extremely conservative government. Guests are admonished to remain at their resorts and not venture into the impoverished interior of the country - a prospect that proves all too alluring to adventurous tourists. Upon meeting a mysterious fan named Gabby (Mia Goth) who encourages them to sneak off with her and her husband, but when a tragi

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