On "The Day the Earth Stood Still"

From The Dispatch:
The original film ended on a note of uncertainty, leaving the solution to the problem in the hands of the audience. In a sense, Klaatu issues his ultimatum directly at us; learn to live in peace or be destroyed. The remake has no time for ambiguity ... I guess it's because Derrickson doesn't want the audience to have to think too hard. For two hours we're spoon fed a prepackaged message surrounded by soulless special effects, while the creators of the original are rolling in their graves.
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Anonymous said…
I was fortunate enough to see the original film last year on the gigantic screen of the Jersey City Loews renovated movie palce, and Patricia Neal was there for a Q and A. Of course, like you Matt i am a big fan of this original and am equally appalled that they would again desecrate a classic. You "dispatched" (no pun intended) it quite well though!

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