Cinematography is a must.

Source: Awards Daily


J.D. said…
As are Art Direction, Costumes, Editing, Score, the Sound categories and Visual Effects, at least.

I'd push it for literally everything else, but I know some disagree. Including you. But w/e.
Mattie Lucas said…
Yeah I definitely agree with Art Direction, Score, Sound, and Visual Effects...they will probably find themselves nominated in my own year end awards.

"Moulin Rouge" was my most nominated film in 2001, looks like this year "Australia" will be my most nominated film without a Best Picture nod.
Anonymous said…
Matt, I completely agree with what you say here. Regardless of the issues, the film does excel in a number of these categories, and deserves nominations there. Interesting what you say there about the prospect of it getting more noms than any on your lists without capturing a Best Picture nom. Makes perfect sense, methinks.

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