Consider This: Alex Beaupain for "Love Songs"

When it came to musicals this year, Mamma Mia unfortunately got all the love.

But for me, the true musical gem of 2008 was Christophe Honore's French treat, Love Songs, set to the gorgeous song score of Alex Beaupain.

From the delicate "La Bastille" and "Au Parc," to the swoon worthy "As-tu déjà aimé" and "J'ai cru entendre" to the driving "Des Bonnes Raisons" and "Je N'Aime Que Toi," Beaupain's songs perfectly capture the feeling of young love and the film's moving embrace of a love that defies social constraints and gender boundaries. Part pop, part rock, part ballad, and all beauty, Love Songs is a treasure, and so is its music. At least one of the film's 14 original song deserves recognition by the Academy. Oscar, sit up and take note.


J.D. said…
Is it even eligible? he asks, knowing it has no chance either way.
Mattie Lucas said…
They haven't released the song list yet so I don't know. It should be *eligible,* but I don't know whether they will pursue it or not.
J.D. said…
Well, if it's really eligible, IFC would be foolish not to push the hell out of it. Though I'm not sure if they actually can... I mean, they're IFC. :(
Anonymous said…
Count me in on the love for this film, particular the songs you rightly celebrate.

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