Remembering "Slumdog"

In listening to the fantastic soundtrack to Slumdog Millionaire on a near constant loop for the last couple of days, I have discovered something that will probably carry this year's pre-ordained "little indie that could" a long way.

I get a lump in my throat every time I hear the tender "Latika's Theme," and just the first few notes of "Jai Ho" are enough to get my heart soaring. In the days since I have seen the film, I have found myself returning to it, reflecting on it, and remembering it like an old friend - a warm, comforting memory.

I have A.R. Rahman's exuberant, Bollywood infused score to thank for that in part, but mostly it's the strength of the film and the feeling it leaves behind. It isn't always pretty or pleasant, but the payoff is gloriously uplifting. This is the feel good fairy tale of the year, without being schmaltzy or over the top. It is always honest and authentic, and I have found that it only grows in retrospect. This movie is going places. Fox Searchlight has a winner on its hands. Movies worth returning to are always worth cherishing.


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