"Silent Light" - Greatest Final Shot Ever?

A couple of weeks ago, I may have said that The Curious Case of Benjamin Button had the best ending of the year, but that was mostly because of the enormous turnaround from the pedestrian second act.

While the ending of Silent Light may have been lifted almost directly from Carl Th. Dreyer's Ordet, Carlos Reygadas follows it up with what may quite possibly be the greatest closing shot of all time.


Don't believe me? Watch this clip of the film's opening, which the final shot mirrors.

It is a perfect ending to an utterly brilliant film, whose quiet grandeur seems to whisper of the human connection to the divine, or to the silent power of nature, before which human problems are nothing. Either way, it is truly unforgettable. Words can't do it justice. This is breathtaking, soul searing cinema at its best.

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Anonymous said…
I think it may very well be the greatest final shot ever, indeed.
Daniel said…
Make it stop...I need to see this movie...

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