AFI Announces 2008 Top Ten

A strong list, but I don't get why Iron Man keeps showing up on top ten lists. It was good and all but, come on. Kris Tapley rightly brings up the point that Slumdog Millionaire was noticibly snubbed...but maybe because it is technically a British production. Not that that has stopped them in their past lists, though.
  • “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”
  • “The Dark Knight”
  • “Frost/Nixon”
  • “Frozen River”
  • “Gran Torino”
  • “Iron Man”
  • “Milk”
  • “WALL-E”
  • “Wendy and Lucy”
  • “The Wrestler”
Source: In Contention


Anonymous said…
Exactly the point Matt. IRON MAN has no place on this or any other list. As you say though, the rest of the list is fine.

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