Hugh Jackman to Host the Oscars

The Associated Press is reporting that Hugh Jackman has been tapped to host the 81st Academy Award ceremony in February.

This is a surprising and unusual choice to say the least. Jackman certainly has the charm and charisma, but I'll miss the humor of having a comedian host.

It fits Nikke Finke's report last night that the usual stand up routine at the beginning has been cut, which is disappointing. Charm is great but the host has to keep things light and entertaining as well. It's a definite balancing act. And what if the Academy goes for Australia?

This has the potential to be a really inspired choice or a mega bomb, but it will be interesting to see where the new producers are taking this year's ceremony in the ever evolving quest for ratings.


J.D. said…
Mattie Lucas said…
You have a one track mind, don't you? :-P
J.D. said…
Why be so redundant, Matt? ;)
Daniel said…
Anonymous said…
This is an interesting experiment with Jackman, as the show has generally succeeded when a comedian is on board. But I know many would argue that even the comedians have fallen flat much of the time. I admit I was deeply moved by Jackman's performance in THE FOUNTAIN, and since then have enthusiastically anticipated his work. True, he didn't burn holes in the screen in AUSTRALIA, but he was more than adequate. He may surprise a lot of people with this gig.

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