Stride Joins the Anti-Boll Chorus

Cadbury Adams, the makers of Stride chewing gum, is offering a pack of gum to every signer of the Stop Uwe Boll petition if the petition reaches 1,000,000 signatures.

I haven't signed the petition because, while Boll may be the worst film maker currently getting major releases, I believe anyone has the right to make whatever films they want, no matter how bad they may be.

But still, you must admit, it's pretty damn funny that a major company is now supporting this. From their press release:
May 7, 2008, Parsippany, NJ – In an effort to protect the childhood dreams of millions of video gamers everywhere, the makers of Stride gum announced today that they are launching a special campaign supporting the efforts of in their attempt to convince famed film director Uwe Boll to stop making video game-based films.
Just say no to bad filmmaking - get a pack of gum. Strike a blow against bad films AND bad breath at the same time. Now that's killing two birds with one stone.


Anonymous said…
Poor Boll.

I do not like the guy - it is funny - but if I were in his shoes, and thought I were a filmmaker when so many people think I am not - really sad stuff.
Anonymous said…
Makes me wanna go out and buy some "Stride."
Mattie Lucas said…
I know, me too! I'm more of an Orbit or 5 guy myself...but you gotta give props to a company that does something like this.

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