On "Iron Man"

From The Dispatch:
"Iron Man" may be a breezy, wildly entertaining superhero flick, but at its core is a very timely, post-9/11 revenge fantasy. For the film's first half, Iron Man is a one-man anti-terrorism unit before turning his sights on the ultimate villain for the strangely anti-climactic final battle, at which point the film loses some of its momentum.

Downey's performance is doubtless the highlight of the film, which he infuses with a wink of ironic humor that adds buoyancy to the movie's comic-book atmosphere. This is not a serious film by any means, but it has a kind of unifying theme (weapons are bad, but terrorism must be stopped) that will contribute to its massive universal appeal.
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Curiousityloko said…
I have to disagree about the final battle. I really liked it. It was less violent and less action filled than most people seem to have wanted. But, one of its basic messages is fairly anti-weapon. So if you consider what literally happens to the Iron Monger (I would be more specific but I don't want to write spoilers)than I don't know if the final scene needed to be or could be as action filled as the rest of the movie. But, as always, great review.
Anonymous said…
Great review, fun film, loved it.

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