And the WTF Award of the Day Goes To...


The LAMB award for Most Prolific went to The Flick Chick, which has had 10 posts in May, 30 in April, 24 in March, 9 in February, and 14 in January; while From the Front Row has had 20 in May, 46 in April, 59 in March, 66 in February, and 109 in January. it just me or is something a little skewed in the voting here?


Fletch said…
Haha - don't feel too bad...I would have had Movie Dearest winning. His output makes yours look like you're slacking.

35 in May, 116 in April, 116 in March, 170 in February and 147 in January.

Mattie Lucas said…
I don't even remember who I voted for for this.

Having 70+ nominees is a bit head-spinning.
Fletch said…
After I left my comment, I looked it up. I should give you a hard time, since you gave a "wtf" for a category that you didn't even vote for. ;)

Wait until next time. There'll probably be more than double that...though we'll go with nominations at that point.
Mattie Lucas said…
HA! That's why I don't remember.

I think it's because "Most Prolific" isn't necessarily a good thing, like the "Bob Dylan" award was. You can post lots of crap and still be prolific. This isn't the case with either The Flick Chick or Movie Dearest, but still.

Also - I didn't feel like counting back through posts, since not all blogs have that convenient post counter off to the right.
Anonymous said…
I never even voted :(

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