On "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull"

From The Dispatch:
The film is never for a moment as good as any of the original trilogy (and that includes the unfairly maligned "Temple of Doom"), but it's still a blast. Instead of the adventure serials that the original trilogy paid homage to, "Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" is more in the vein of the sci-fi B movies that were popular during the time the film is set. It is a much more outlandish film than its predecessors, even if its central premise isn't ultimately any more ridiculous than the supernatural mythologies of the originals. However, there are several moments where the film seems to jump the tracks (Mutt's Tarzan moment during the jungle chase is a bit much), and Ray Winstone's character is horribly underdeveloped, as is often the case with the plot, which becomes increasingly muddled as the film goes on.
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Anonymous said…
Bravo! Fantastic review Matt, I think we had a v. similar take on the film, which was really good and I plan on seeing it again sometime as well.
Mattie Lucas said…
Why thank you Nicky!

Great minds think alike, eh? ;-)

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