Hindu Group Wants to Censor "The Love Guru"

From Newstrack India:

Hindu groups have contacted Central Board of Film Certification (Censor Board) and Ministry of Information & Broadcasting of India, urging them not to distribute/screen upcoming Hollywood movie "The Love Guru" till its presenter Paramount Pictures makes necessary changes to it.

Bhavna Shinde, representing Hindu Janjagruti Samiti and Sanatan Society for Scientific Spirituality, in communiqu├ęs to these organisations, said, "…stop distributing or screening the movie till Paramount has made necessary changes to the movie, so that it will not hurt the feelings of the worldwide spiritual and Hindu community.

Further proof that religious groups need to get a life and quit worrying about movies and start paying attention to their own spiritual lives. And that goes for all religions.

Of course, they've picked a good target. Maybe all people of good taste should have an unofficial boycott of The Love Guru. Have you seen the trailer for this thing? It's wretched.


Anonymous said…
It does look AWFUL.

I am boycotting it indeed.
Anonymous said…
Me too ... not gonna see it.
J.D. said…
Dear Humanity,

Screw you, I quit.


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