On "Prince Caspian"

From The Dispatch:
Ultimately, "Prince Caspian" manages to entertain in places, and features some spectacular battle scenes (which occasionally feel too derivative of the original), that are actually pretty intense for a PG-rated film. It certainly looks and sounds good, but it's fatally overlong and lacks the great story that made "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe" so much fun. It replaces wonder with action and straightforward allegory with muddled theological apologetics that leave much to be desired. I would admire a children's movie with the guts to explore deeper issues in a complex way, but here it is more alienating than enlightening.
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Anonymous said…
Really enjoyed that review, and it highlights some of my fears for the film. I read the book ages ago, and it is not all that familiar still, but I do remember it being more complex and dark, I just hope the film is not that bad, as you say - it is good, but not the same way "Lion, Witch..." was. I will find out on 6 June.

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