Yesterday in my review I said that The Counterfeiters was the weakest Best Foreign Language film of the decade, but that was wrong. I totally forgot about the 2005 South African winner Tsotsi, which I found to be trite and contrived. The very fact that I forgot all about it when thinking back on the past winners should tell you something right there.

That gives The Counterfeiters a slight boost in Academy history. Tsotsi's victory over the far superior (and more challenging) Palestinian entry Paradise Now and Germany's gutwrenching Sophie Scholl - The Final Days was a travesty.

For a look at something far better to have come from South Africa, check out Nick Plowman's Fataculture.


J.D. said…
Oh, if only Sophie Scholl had won... *sighs*

I haven't seen Tsotsi -- and I never will. I mean, why should I?! -- but definitely agree about Nick. Fataculture forever!!!!!

*repeatedly jabs my Fataculture fan club card in the faces of strangers like it was a picture of my kids*

[/family guy reference]
Curiousityloko said…
I have to disagree but only slightly. To me No Man's Land 2001's winner of Best Foreign Language picture is the worst winner of the last decade. And it beat Amelie, which is in itself a travesty of the highest order.

However, Totsi winning over Paradise Now was certainly an error on the part of the Academy.

And, as a matter of personal taste, Lives of Others over Pan's Labyrinth was a bad choice. Yet I confess both of those films were worthy and I was okay with that choice.

And somehow I have managed to not see Sophie Scholl. I will have to check it out.
Anonymous said…
I am really sad about this post, not because you are putting down what many believe to be the greatest South African film ever made, but because I, a South African Film Freak, wholly agree with you.

Tsotsi was horribly weak, it had its moments, but they did not make up for anything. For a better example of SA cinema, perhaps you should see the 2004 Oscar Nominee for Best Foreign Language film "Yesterday." That was a great South African film. Unless you already have, in which case I would love to hear what you thought about it...

I think I would have been far happier if Paradise Now or Sophie Scholl won, but I cannot turn back time.

I can only hope and pray SA cinema improves soon. You have not seen the last of us....

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