Another Reason Why You Should See "Funny Games"

Because MovieGuide's Ted Baehr hates it, and manages to work up his usual moral outrage over it:
FUNNY GAMES is one of the most despicable movies ever made. It is a pretentious, sadistic thriller intended to make a phony statement against media violence by showing in graphic detail the psychological torture of a family by two psychotic young men.

The filmmaker, Michael Haneke, claims that he’s trying to show “the reality of violence” and the pain it brings to victims. He also claims that this movie is a reaction against the violence in American cinema, “the way American cinema toys with human beings.” This is pseudo-intellectual baloney. Haneke never asks himself, So what? And, he never gives viewers a clue as to how they’re supposed to respond to the pain he presents. Thus, the only thing he accomplishes in the viewer is buyer’s remorse for being asked to pay for sitting through such a despicable movie. The actors involved should be ashamed of wasting their talents. The studio should also be held accountable for releasing it.
See Funny Games, piss off a conservative nutjob. What a hypocritical review...he constantly rails against violence...but only when it isn't of the patriotic/crucifixion variety. He has the gaul to criticize Haneke's stance against violence, while constantly lecturing in his own reviews in a far more pretentious, holier-than-thou manner.


Evan Derrick said…
I'm no fan of Ted Baehr by any stretch of the imagination, but I'm going to have to agree with him on his response (never thought I would ever say that), if not exactly his reasons. Haneke's sadistic torture experiment, while fascinating to discuss, is infuriating to sit through, mainly because of the obvious contempt he has for his audience. The movie is a bait-and-switch designed to get you into the theater and into his little experiment (will you get up and leave or will you stay?). Filmmaking snobbery like this only comes along once in a blue moon.

Regardless, welcome to LAMB! Looking forward to reading the site.
Mattie Lucas said…
It is infuriating to sit through...which is why I like it so much I think. Any movie that can provoke that kind of reaction and do it intentionally, has succeeded in its goals very effectively.

But different strokes for different folks, it was bound to be divisive by design.
Anonymous said…
Welcome to LAMB!

Thanks for the posts on this film which, I have to say, I'll see eventually ... as you say, it's caused too much consternation not to (although I'll probably see it on video, because the chances of it coming to Tuscaloosa anytime soon are near zero.).
Karl Hungus said…
Hmm, I'd probably avoid the film simply because it's a remake, but I hate this kind of moralistic outcry against violence. It's the 'Video nasty' era all over again.

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