This is old news but I just now read it over at Tom O'Neill's GoldDerby blog, and felt I had to share. Here is Kevin O'Connell's account of what happened right after he lost the Sound Mixing Oscar for the 20th time as Transformers fell to The Bourne Ultimatum:

"Right after my category, I went into the lobby to get a glass of ice water when my cell phone rang," he recalls. "It's my five-year-old son, Cooper, telling me, 'Daddy, I'm so sad you didn't win.' I say to console him, 'Oh, it's OK, pal. We'll get 'em next time.' But then he says, 'No Daddy, I'm really really sad.' So I ask him, 'Well, what can I do to make you feel better about it?' He answers me back, 'Can you come home and read me a book and tuck me into bed?'

"I look around the lobby. Then I say, 'You know what, pal, I'll be right home.' I go grab my wife and we split. We're home in 20 minutes. We walk in and I hear the little pitter-patter of those feet and Cooper leaps into my arms and gives me a hug that must have lasted four minutes. When that hug was over, I forgot I'd ever even been nominated."
That may quite possibly be the sweetest Oscar story I have ever heard. Don't worry Cooper...Daddy's going to win that Oscar someday.


Anonymous said…
Jeff Wells would bash the guy for leaving early...

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