And So It Begins...

Now that the Oscars are over and the summer is still a couple of months off, my blog hit count has taken an inevitable dive. It happened last year too, once the rush of awards season was over and the spring doldrums set in, readership took a major hit.

I'm averaging about half the readership I was two weeks ago. This is to be expected, of course. The fact is there just isn't as much going on in the film world right now. And let's be honest, no one really cares about 10,000 BC (do I really have to review that this weekend?). During the awards season, interest goes up and therefore readership has an upswing.

It is kind of a shame, especially after From the Front Row saw a record number of visitors on Oscar night for my live-blogging the ceremony.

But at the same time, I'm not posting as much either. If you look at my posting rate last year, you will see that the months of January, February, and December had the most posts - in other words, awards season. The summer months saw the sparsest posting.

I'm going to try to keep the posting up as much as possible in the coming months. I'm planning some new features and recurring series to make their debuts in the coming months, as well as more contests sponsored by Warner Brothers. The popularity of my last contest has guaranteed that it won't be the last.

Many Oscar bloggers are shutting down for the season, and will set up shop again as the year comes to a close. The Carpetbagger has already begun his annual hiatus, while Kris Tapley has also retired his Red Carpet District blog for the season over at Variety. And I can understand why they do this, there just isn't as much to talk about. But I am not just an Oscar blogger, I am a critic and film blogger, so you won't be getting rid of me so easily.

It's interesting what keeps the readers coming in. I have my regular readers of course (paging Craig and Nick!), fellow bloggers (ditto), and of course, the random people whose searches lead them to my site who may or may not return (and I hope you do, I don't bite). My most popular post remains this one about Jamie Campbell Bower from Sweeney Todd, which was posted on December 23, 2007, and still is managing to bring in the readers at a steady clip every week. I guess all the swooning fan girls (and boys...come on I know I'm not the only one) just can't get enough of Anthony and his big blue eyes.

So that's the great dichotomy of From the Front Row. We get the serious cinephiles and bloggers, as well as the screaming fan types looking for their hot celebrity fix. Never fear, there's room for both camps...although we're really not into the celebrity gossip scene around here, I'm not afraid to say when someone strikes my fancy.

So stick around, stay awhile, and leave a comment or two. From the Front Row is in it for the long haul.


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