The Year that Changed Hollywood

CNN looks back at 1967 and the impact of Bonnie and Clyde on the Hollywood studio system.

You would think last year, the 40th anniversary, would have been the best time to examine this, and the article doesn't cover anything that hasn't been gone over pretty extensively, but I'm OK with that. Anytime the mainstream draws attention to film history (a sense of which is woefully absent in many of today's moviegoers) is a cause for celebration, even in the simplest terms like this article.

My favorite part though is the "So You Want to Be a Mogul" sidebar that highlights the plots of the 1967 Best Picture nominees, and asks you to choose which one sounds like the surest bet.

The answer is Dr. Doolittle of course, but that was the year of surprise smashes that no one, not even the moguls, saw coming.

I wish we could see more of audiences taking chances like that today.


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