Eastwood's "Gran Torino"

I am loathe to participate in the current glut of internet speculation over the just announced, but off the record, on the QT, and very hush-hush Clint Eastwood project Gran Torino, which he is directing and starring in, and will be released this December. But this wild rumor-mongering over it being a new Dirty Harry movie just can't be ignored. Even Jeffrey Wells is buying into it.

Come on guys, the source must be taken with a grain of salt...it's a some random guy who wrote in to Ain't it Cool News, and suddenly everyone is taking it like gospel truth.

I just can't believe that Eastwood would resurrect Dirty Harry like this, especially since he said himself he doesn't care about ticket sales anymore and is just making the movies he wants to make. His performance in Million Dollar Baby was supposed to be his last...so this must be really special. I don't think he would follow his supposed swan song with Dirty Harry.

A guy named Edward Havens has a much more credible theory in Hollywood-Elsewhere's comments section.

And that's all I'm going to say about this until we have official word.


Anonymous said…
Haven's source is much more believable than some shmo from NoHo, but...he's still just an unnamed source.

I'm with you. I'm not saying anything more about it until there is some kind of official word.

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