Scott Weinberg on "Meet the Spartans"

From Cinematical:
This is a "movie" the same way some drunk idiot screeching "Oooh, behave!," "Dat's a-nice!," or "This ... is ... Sparta!" at the top of his lungs is "the life of the party." And yet, every year Aaron and Jason sit down to smoke waste a lot of weed and crib a bunch of really terrible jokes from other folks' popular movies. The duo's "films" are little more than mirth-leeching barnacles fastened to the lowest end of the comedy food chain -- but by shamelessly pandering to the lowest of the lowest common denominator, these fools have built a cottage industry out of being the worst of the worst filmmakers out there. And, of course, they love their work. (Ultimately I blame the audiences, because if nobody bought a ticket to this junk, Fox would tell Aaron and Jason to hit the freakin' road already.)
Wow. Great review - I haven't seen a total ravaging of a film that spectacular in ages.


Anonymous said…
Ouch. That's going to leave a mark.
Scott Weinberg said…
Thank you for the kind words, sir.

Kinda depressing that my Spartans review generated more discussion than the eleven films I reviewed at Sundance... ;)
Mattie Lucas said…
Well when you rip a movie a new one like that, it kinda draws attention, haha. Although I will guarantee I will see every one of those Sundance films before I ever see "Meet the Spartans."

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