And the Best Film of 2007 Is...

The folks at Paramount Vantage were kind enough to set up a private screening for me of Paul Thomas Anderson's There Will Be Blood this morning since it won't be released in North Carolina for another few weeks. And I was floored. It's absolutely amazing, one of the most soul-shaking films I have seen in a very long time. I was literally shaking when it was over. It's a masterpiece, pure and simple.

A full review will be coming in the next week or so as the film begins its national roll-out and makes it to NC screens, but it will be appearing at #1 on my official top ten list tomorrow.

Thanks again to the good people at Paramount Vantage, and a salute to Paul Thomas Anderson.

There Will Be Blood is one for the ages.


Anonymous said…
Lucky You!

I'm glad you got to see it at a private screening, I cannot wait to see the film now more than ever.

Looking forward to your review Matt.
Anonymous said…
That's great you got a special screening of TWBB. I'm glad you loved it and I'm not surprised it was your #1. I went back and forth with it myself.

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