Vote for Me!

It's time to send in your nominees for the 8th Annual Weblog Awards! Visit to nominate your favorite blogs (which hopefully includes From the Front Row).

I have no delusions about winning Weblog of the Year, but I am particularly interested in Best Kept Secret Weblog and perhaps even Best Entertainment Weblog. Best Writing of a Weblog would be nice too...but frankly, I nominated Nikki Fenke for that one.

So go now and cast your votes for your favorite blogs of 2007!

You must nominate 3 blogs in the categories you enter for your vote to count. If you're stuck about other blogs, there are some fine ones listed on the right hand bar of this site (yes, I stole that idea from Craig Kennedy, he said it on his blog first...I thought I should give him credit before he yells at me) that are worth checking out.


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