ASC Nominations

The American Society of Cinematographers has announced its award nominees. They are:

The Assassination of Jesse James - Roger Deakins
No Country for Old Men - Roger Deakins
There Will Be Blood - Robert Elswit
The Diving Bell and the Butterfly - Janusz Kaminski
Atonement - Seamus McGarvey

That is a great list. Although I would have loved to have seen Into the Wild or Control nominated here, I don't know what I would have taken off this list (probably No Country, it was fine work, but Deakins' work in Assassination of Jesse James was stronger).

The winners don't always correspond with the Oscar winners - last year's ASC winner Children of Men (one of the most groundbreaking works in recent memory) lost the Oscar to Pan's Labyrinth.

Deakins has never won an Oscar before, and two nominations might actually hurt his chances. I hope they pick Jesse James and go with it.

Thanks to AwardsDaily for posting.


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