"Bucket List" Expands to #1

Weekend box office estimates:
  1. The Bucket List - $19,540,000
  2. First Sunday - $19,000,000
  3. Juno - $14,000,000
  4. National Treasure: Book of Secrets - $11,482,000
  5. Alvin and the Chipmunks - $9,100,000
  6. I Am Legend - $8,130,000
  7. One Missed Call - $6,130,000
  8. P.S. I Love You- $5,005,000
  9. The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything - $4,419,000
  10. Atonement - $4,300,000
Source: Box Office Mojo

America proved that it is a country for old men as The Bucket List expanded into wide release to claim the number 1 spot at the box office, narrowly defeating the insipid Ice Cube vehicle, First Sunday.

Now, I know I don't like Juno, and that I give it lots of negative press on this website, but it's a shame that a movie like First Sunday is beating it at the box office. I probably wouldn't hate Juno so much if it weren't winning so many awards, which is probably its most egregious offense.

The latest Veggietales movie, based off a popular Christian video series for kids, failed to translate that popularity to the big screen, debuting at #9.

However it's nice to see recent Golden Globe champ Atonement breaking into the top ten. It really is a fine film, and I hope its win tonight brings in more business.


Anonymous said…
With so many great movies in theaters right now, it makes me a little sick to my stomach to see something like Bucket List rising to the top.

Ok, I admit I haven't seen it, but much as I love Freeman and Nicholson, it looks awful.

Who knows, maybe it's appealing to an older audience that wouldn't like There Will Be Blood or No Country for Old Men or even Juno.

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