And 2007's 'What the Hell Did I Just Watch' Award Goes To...

So, if it's possible, I have found a movie I hate even more than Juno - Julie Taymor's messy, embarrassing Across the Universe. Somewhere, John Lennon and George Harrison are rolling over in their graves.

I'll post a review...eventually.


Anonymous said…
Matty my friend, how our tastes differ! I loved Across The Universe....and Juno. But I respect your opinions, and we can't all like the smae things, how boring would that be!
Anonymous said…
This movie is funny. I've heard both good and awful things about it from people I respect.

Very interesting. I have a feeling I might like it and I'll have no one to talk about it with except Nick.
J.D. said…
Across the Universe -- awesome.

People hating on Across the Universe -- not awesome.

The fact I love it every time people rip it a new one -- priceless.

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