Trailer: "Departures"

At last we have a trailer for this year's Best Foreign Language Film Oscar winner, Departures.

Trailer for Departures at Listal

It's a great trailer that perfectly captures the film's delicate beauty. Back in March I wrote:
It's an unashamed tearjerker that occasionally borders on manipulative, but it all comes together and works. I had almost given up on it about halfway through, but in the end it won me over. It's a pleasant, heartwarming film with a truly gorgeous Joe Hisaishi score, and its easy to see why the Academy members voted for it.
I hope the film does well, and doubtless the Oscar win will help give it a boost. Waltz with Bashir and The Class already had a lot of buzz, and the Oscar win really put Departures on the map, so maybe it was the best thing all around.


Sam Juliano said…
Matthew, there is no film I desire to see more strongly than this, and thank you very much kind Sir, for offering up this delectable trailer here!

I'm sure we'll be comparing notes down the road on this one.

Of course it's win was a big shock, with WALTZ or THE CLASS practically a sure thing.

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