Bayona to Direct "Eclipse"

Summit Entertainment confirmed today that Spanish director Juan Antonio Bayona (The Orphanage) would be taking over the Twilight reigns from Chris Weitz for the series' third installment, Eclipse. Thus squashing the rumor that Drew Barrymore (!) would be directing.

Normally I wouldn't report this, because I don't really care about the Twilight series...but I loved The Orphanage (which is probably one of the three best horror films of the decade, along with Let the Right One In and The Descent), and think that if anyone can get the gothic/romantic tone of the books right, it's him.

I may actually have to see New Moon now so I can see Eclipse. Damn.


J.D. said…
Ugh, I loved The Orphanage too. This isn't good. *resents*

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