On "Watchmen"

From The Dispatch:
It's unpleasant, haphazard, pointless, and with a running time at nearly three hours, far longer than it needs to be. This isn't a movie, it's a giant festering boil on the face of cinema. That is a shame considering how much work went into it and its esteemed source material. With more editorial control and aesthetic restraint, it might have been something grand. Instead we are left with this obnoxious, bloated, ghastly piece of brightly colored pop trash that, as far as I'm concerned, should be avoided at all costs.
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Anonymous said…
Rorschach was an especially well developed as a character; i hope the actor that played his role is nominated for some kind of an award (when that season comes around again)
Mattie Lucas said…
No way in hell is that going to happen.

He was, however, nominated for his work in "Little Children" in 2006.

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