2009 First Quarter Report

I'm going to take a page from Jeff Wells for a second and write for a bit about the year in movies so far.

And I must say, we're off to a pretty good start. I've been going back and forth about how best to present this, considering that most of the great films that I have seen this year haven't been released yet, and won't be for quite some time. But here is a quick look at how 2009 is stacking up so far:

"Goodbye Solo," courtesy of Roadside Attractions

First rate, top of the line, best of the best: Goodbye Solo (3.27), Tokyo Sonata, Captain Abu Raed (May, date undecided), Three Monkeys (3.27 LA, 5.1 NY), Summer Hours (5.15).

"The Hurt Locker"

Strong, solid, just short of greatness: The Hurt Locker (6.26), California Dreamin' (Endless), Serbis, Departures (5.29), The Song of Sparrows (4.3), The Headless Woman (8.19).

Effective modern romances: Two Lovers, Medicine for Melancholy, Duplicity.


Excellent festival pics without distribution: 45365, Best Worst Movie, Make-Out with Violence.

Missed opportunities: Katyn

Epic disasters: Watchmen

Unseen: Sin Nombre


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