The Raves Roll in for "Goodbye Solo"

Here's a sampling of what other critics are saying about the year's best film:
Bahrani is the new great American director. He never steps wrong. In Goodbye Solo, he begins with a situation that might unfold in a dozen different ways and makes of it something original and profound. - Roger Ebert
The story told in Goodbye Solo, Ramin Bahrani's wonderful third feature, is moving and mysterious, and you may find yourself pondering its implications for a long time after the film's simple and haunting final images have faded. - A.O. Scott
There's hope yet for world cinema if an Iranian-American director can take the premise of an Iranian film, set it in North Carolina, cast the lead roles with an African fashion model and Elvis Presley's former bodyguard, and produce something utterly new. - Dana Stevens
The film is currently sitting at an impressive 100% Tomatometer rating at Rotten Tomatoes, and a score of 90 at Metacritic, placing it in the "Universal Acclaim" category.

Goodbye Solo opens today in New York and Chicago. Don't miss this film.


Karen said…
Exciting, I'm glad it's being received well.
Sam C. Mac said…
100%, woo-hoo!
Now it just needs to get cirt'd.
Sam Juliano said…
I am leaving the house in ten minutes to head over to Manhattan to catch the 11:45 A.M. showing of GODDBYE SOLO (at the Angelika Film Center) with two of my sons. I will certainly come back to your full review with commentary later tonight. I'll admit I'm excited by your effusive praise and other testimonials.

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