Pixar's "Up" to Open Cannes Film Festival

You know something's big when I check my email this morning to find multiple emails from multiple publicists all proclaiming the same thing - Pixar's Up has been selected as the opening night premiere of the 2009 Cannes Film Festival.

This is big news for several reasons. One, this is the first time an animated film has ever opened the prestigious festival. Two, this is the first time a Disney film of any kind has ever opened the festival. And three, this is the first 3-D film to ever open Cannes.

That third one may be the biggest news to some, with 3-D technology really beginning to catch on, especially with big time advocates like James Cameron.

Of course, the technology is lagging behind initial predictions about how widespread it would be by now (a lagging economy may be partially to blame for that). But I'm pretty apathetic about the whole 3-D thing. The reason this news excites me is that it shows Disney has great faith in Up, which is a good sign. I hope this doesn't create any unnecessary hype, because WALL-E is a hard act to follow. But Pixar hasn't disappointed me yet.

Here, once again, is the trailer:


Anonymous said…
Great trailer, and very promising Pixar feature!! After WALL-E, anything's possible.

I love the balloons pulling the house through the sky, it remeinded me of course of teh scene in Lamaorisee's THE RED BALLOON, when the boy is whisked up in the aire by the colorful balloons.
Sam C. Mac said…
I knew I should have Cannes'd it the first few days, instead of planning to go for the last five days of the fest.

All I know is that if i miss "Broken Embraces," I will not be a happy camper.

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