2009 Cinema Eye Honors

Thanks to IndieWire's Matt Dentler and his live-Tweeting of this year's Cinema Eye Honors (the documentary awards started by filmmaker and blogger AJ Schnack), I've been keeping up with the winners as they're announced. Keep refreshing for new updates:

Best Documentary: Man on Wire
Best Director: Ari Folman, Waltz with Bashir
Best Editing: Man on Wire
Audience Choice: Up the Yangtze
Best Debut: Up the Yangtze
Best Music: Waltz with Bashir
Best Animation: Waltz with Bashir
Best Producer: Man on Wire
Best Cinematography: Encounters at the End of the World


Sam Juliano said…
No surprises here.
Mattie Lucas said…
I was kind of pulling for "Waltz with Bashir," but I think it's fitting that it split the top two awards with "Man on Wire."

"Bashir" is opening at the local art house theater/pub here in Boone on Friday. I'm tempted to go see it again.

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