When Conspiracy Theorists Attack

So I noticed today that I had quite a few hits coming from some forum I had never heard of. So I decided to check it out, and what to my wondering eyes should appear but a forum full of conspiracy nuts tearing my review of New World Order apart.

To be honest, I was quite entertained by it all, especially by their total lack of reading comprehension skills. Here is one of the quotes I found particularly amusing:
They are never held accountable for what they say

What? You mean like Dick Cheney accountable? Like George Bush accountable? Like Glenn Beck accountable? Bill O'Reilly accountable? Rachel Maddow accountable? Wolf Blitzer accountable? Tom Brokov accountable? WTF? This reviewer also is not held accountable for what he says. It is called "freedom of speech" and is in the constitution. I invite this "journalist" to look it up.
So? Hold me accountable! Come to the blog and comment! Ask me questions! That's all I wanted from the film. I didn't want a biased hit piece. I just wanted the filmmakers to ask questions. Yes I think what these people are saying is garbage, but that doesn't mean I don't want them to explain themselves. If what they are saying is true then I want to know how they came by the knowledge. I want to know why they believe what they believe. That is what the film doesn't explore and where I think its weakness lies.
"Journalistic investigation"? Is this guy for real? Has this guy done any "journalistic investigation" at all? Is this guy proposing the "investigation" of all truthers and that they be "held accountable" for informing the public of the truth rather than the lies on TV all day long?

I actually think that this is what the "journalist" wants. Hey, should we take odds on this guy being connected to the CFR?
OK...I don't even know what the CFR is, but if you want to take odds go right ahead and be my guest. See? That's the kind of junk I'm talking about, and why no one takes them seriously. They think I'm part of the conspiracy for "panning" the film, even though I gave it a B minus.

I'm not proposing an investigation, but I think anyone should be held accountable for what they say. Politicians, pundits, journalists...everyone has the right to question anything and everything anyone says. If these people, these "truthers" as they call themselves, really believe what they're saying, why are they afraid of it being held up to scrutiny like anything else?

I agree that journalism has not been up to a high standard in a long time...it seems like only comedians like Jon Stewart are asking hard questions and holding people accountable. But true journalism should be unbiased, while asking deep, probing questions about the subject at hand. That's what I wanted from New World Order, but some of these guys are obviously eager to attack "the man" for looking down on them. I don't know what they would do without their persecution complex...it's almost like they want to be attacked, and look for it everywhere.

Anyway, the people on this forum are a pretty good representation of the people in this film - loud, hateful, and not at all the kind of people you want in charge of a country, or as a mainstream force of any kind.

And they call me the joke?


Mattie Lucas said…
"New World Order" will be premiering on IFC Free sometime in April if you're interested. But it's not something I would recommend you go out of your way to see.

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