Some Thoughts on "Pineapple Express"

Wow. I don't remember the last time I saw a movie that had this many serious belly laughs per minute.

I had low expectations for Pineapple Express. I didn't find the trailer particularly funny, despite warm early reviews. But man oh man, once the movie started I don't think I stopped laughing until the credits rolled.

It's a nasty piece of work, but gleefully over the top. David Gordon Green has a gritty indie sensibility that grounds the film even at its most absurd, and makes for one of the sharpest, most entertaining comedies of the year. It's definitely the best of the Apatow brand since Superbad, and is a worthy successor indeed.

I'm trying to coalesce my thoughts into something besides "LMAO" right now. I'll be tapping out a full review for next week's Dispatch. Right now, suffice it to say that Pineapple Express is a new stoner classic.


What a coincidence. I justed posted an article called "A Storm's a' Comin'" about life in New Orleans in August. I hit "Next" to take a break and read someone else's blog, and yours came up. Nicely done. And I see that you are a fan of juicy stormy weather.
OK, back to work...

P.S. In addition, I am named Matthew and I am from North Carolina
Big Mike Mendez said…
It really is hard to talk about the movie without saying really much more than "funny as hell." SUre, there's more to it, but you just keep coming back to the point that it's drop down hilarious.
Anonymous said…
I honestly felt the same way that you did Matthew--low expectations--commercial excrement, goofball entertainment so to speak. But you're fair enough appraisal and the views of some others we respect make it one to take a chance on. The contemporary comedy genre is in large measure a lamentable one, but perhaps this has some validity.
Mattie Lucas said…
Sam, I definitely think this one is worth a look. I wouldn't go so far as Kris Tapley and call it the best film of the year (far from it), but it may just be the funniest. Like big Mike said, it's just drop dead hilarious.
Anonymous said…
Ugh, cannot wait!

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