"An American Carol"

Oh my...this looks like shit.

Why don't they just call it Conservative Movie? It will fit right in with Scary Movie, Date Movie, Epic Movie, Superhero Movie, and Disaster Movie.

From Reason.com:
In a scene that Sokoloff described, but didn't bring, Patton and his soldiers storm a courthouse that's about to remove the Ten Commandments and start opening fire on the people trying to stop them. "You can't shoot these people!" Malone says. "They're not people!" says Patton. "They're the ACLU!" At this point we see that the ACLU members are unkillable George Romero zombies.
This may end up being the most tasteless, offensive piece of trash of the year.
In a clip we saw, Washington takes Malone to St. Paul's Cathedral to lecture him on freedom of religion and "freedom of speech, which you abuse." Malone is grossed out by dust in the priest's box, so the doors open onto the smoldering ruins of the World Trade Center. "This is the dust of 3000 innocent human beings!" bellows Washington. Malone whimpers that he's just making movies. Washington won't have it. "Is that what you plan to say on Judgment Day?"
Who knew that a goofy, B-grade comedy like this one could actually be heavy handed?


Anonymous said…
hahahaha!!! definitely not my cup of tea, but apparently it's not yours either!
Mattie Lucas said…
I hope it bombs so the conservatives will quit harping on how all the "liberal" Iraq movies have bombed. That way we'll know that it's not the liberal message people are avoiding, but anything to do with the war or politics in general.

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