SAG Awards Granted Waiver by Writers Guild

From The Hollywood Reporter:
SAG said Tuesday that the guild has obtained a WGA script waiver for the 14th annual SAG Awards, allowing its Jan. 27 telecast to go forward unencumbered by the current writing ban in force since guild scribes went on strike 12 weeks ago.

Officials from other kudocasts -- including the Golden Globes and Academy Awards -- still are scrambling to obtain similar waivers from the WGA. But guild executives were ducking the question of whether such waivers might be forthcoming.

"For the time being, it's too preliminary to forecast," a WGA West spokesman said Tuesday.

It's probably not by chance that the WGA's first major script waiver went to SAG, which has been closely aligned with the WGA in its negotiating face-off with Hollywood studios.
This is good news. Now the Golden Globes and the Oscars are the next big question.


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