Jonny Greenwood's "There Will Be Blood"

2007 has been a pretty dry year for film scores. There have been quite a few scores I have liked - Atonement, Lust, Caution, The Kite Runner - but none that I have been truly passionate about.

Until now.


Anonymous said…
Original Score of the Year, though I wish the CD also had the Brahms and the other classical pieces that rounded out the film.

I also quite liked Ratatouille.

My favorite (unoriginal) soundtrack was The Darjeeling Limited.
Mattie Lucas said…
"Darjeeling" was good, but I really only ever listen to the first and last tracks. My favorite unoriginal soundtrack this year is by far "I'm Not There."
Anonymous said…
I should get I'm Not There. My favorite part of the movie was Marcus Carl Franklin singing Tombstone Blues with the great Richie Havens.

I was hooked on the movie from that point on.
ryankrause said…
"TWBB" is the score of the year, hands down. What was the Brahms piece?
Anonymous said…
The Brahms piece was from the third (last) movement of his Violin Concerto in D Major. Throughout the film, the openning score to this was repeated multiple times - may have been a musical theme support for Plainsview's manic episodes - but I can't remember the film well enough at the moment.
Great concerto.

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