On "I'm Not There"

From my review published in today's Dispatch:
There is no easy way to describe the film. "I'm Not There," like the man who inspired it, refuses to be contained in a box. It obliterates the box, bursting out of the seams with wild, free-wheeling abandon. It never tries to corner or define Dylan; instead it takes an interpretive, Rorschach-blot like approach that looks at Dylan's many complexities through six different actors - Cate Blanchett, Ben Whishaw, Christian Bale, Richard Gere, Marcus Carl Franklin and Heath Ledger - who each embody a different interpretation of the legendary musician.

The result is something that borders on surrealism, a film that uses Dylan's music to describe a man who thrived on - as the movie puts it - mystery, chaos and contradiction. That is the best way I can possibly imagine to describe the film, as it embodies every single one of those words at every turn.
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