SUV Plows Into Theater Showing "Dreamgirls'

From WFTV:

TORRINGTON, Conn. -- Some moviegoers in Torrington, Connecticut got to see some real-life action unfold as they were watching the movie "Dreamgirls" on Monday night.

During the 7:00pm showing at the six-theater multiplex, a white sport utility vehicle smashed through a wall of the theater while the audience was watching the movie.

Fortunately, nobody was hurt, even though the SUV came inches from some moviegoer heads. "I never thought it'd be here in the theater, especially while the show's running and a couple people are in here watching Dreamgirls. It was just surreal shock," said theater owner Robert Sadlon.

Police charged the driver, 46-year-old Diletta Squires, with driving under the influence


Insert your own "And I Am Telling You..." joke here.


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