Oscar Prediction Results

Thanks to Oscar Central for tallying up which award prognosticators fared the best last night. I ranked 9th nationally out of 83 tallied critics, pundits, and bloggers, correctly guessing 16 out of 24 categories with 67% accuracy, and 100% accuracy on the major categories, going 8 for 8. I was one of only 5 prognosticators to do so (the others being Darren Keeny at Movie Experience, Erik Childress at eFilm Critic, Frank Avella from New York Cool, and Steve Pond from The Envelope), so I'm feeling pretty good right now.

The champion prognosticator was Erik Childress at eFilm Critic, who correctly predicted 18 categories. Anne Thompson from The Hollywood Reporter, Dave Poland from Movie City News, and the Variety Academy Tracker also followed with 18, but didn't go 8 for 8 in the majors, therefore tying for second place.


1. Erik Childress (eFilm Critic) 18
2. Anne Thompson (Hollywood Reporter) 18
2. David Poland (Movie City News) 18
2. Variety (Academy Tracker) 18
5. Kevyn Knox (The Cinematheque) 17
5. Gerard Kennedy (Tech Support) 17
5. Lou Lumenick (NY Post) 17
8. Darren Keeny (Movie Experience) 16
9. Matthew Lucas (From the Front Row) 16
10. Adam (Oscar Beachhouse) 16
10. David Carr (New York Times) 16
10. Kris Tapley (In Contention) 16
10. Sasha Stone (Oscar Watch) 16
10. Scott Feinberg (...and the winner is) 16
10. Tom O'Neil (The Envelope) 16

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