Oscar Pros and Cons


  • The Oscar fashion show (awkward)
  • Playing off multiple winners after only one speaker
  • The sound effects choir (neat but a pointless waste of time...give that time to let the winners speak!)
  • Not enough Ellen!
  • Children of Men losing Cinematography (quite possibly the most groundbreaking camerawork of the decade)
  • America in Film (WTF?)
  • Chris Connelly's sickeningly smarmy backstage commentary

  • The Foreign Language Film Montage
  • The opening interviews with nominees by Errol Morris
  • Ellen's Al Gore joke (America DID vote for him!)
  • Jerry Seinfeld
  • Abigail Breslin and Jaden Smith
  • The Will Ferrell/Jack Black lament for comedy (hilarious!)
  • Ennio Morricone's honorary Oscar acceptance speech (yes, I cried a little)
  • The Al Gore/Leonardo DiCaprio bit
  • Ellen gets Martin Scorsese to read her script
  • Ellen gets Steven Spielberg to take a picture of her with Clint Eastwood for her MySpace, then has him take it again because it isn't centered
  • Meryl Streep gamely playing along with the Anne Hathaway/Emily Blunt "Devil Wears Prada" bit by giving them an unflinchingly icy stare when they realize they "forgot her latte"
  • The more laid back atmosphere
  • The Dreamgirls musical medley
  • Tom Hanks' priceless reaction to Chris Connelly's sickeningly smarmy backstage commentary ("You BET Chris, more FUN!")


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