On "Kung Fu Panda"

From The Dispatch:
It is a winning combination that makes the film so unexpectedly wonderful and ultimately moving. The film never takes itself too seriously, but it never panders to the audience or goes for cheap laughs. It takes time to build character relationships, which is where most of the humor comes from, instead of the pop culture references and bodily humor typical of films of this genre. The end result is a film more creative than "Indiana Jones 4," more wholly satisfying than "Iron Man," more emotionally gratifying than "Sex and the City" and more visually arresting than "Speed Racer."

The season is still young, but 2008 has found its standard bearer of the summer in the unlikely form of a fat, butt-kicking panda bear. As Po might say, "Kung Fu Panda is awesome!"
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Anonymous said…
Great review Matty, I am glad you loved it.
Daniel said…
Indeed, I thought it was fantastic as well!

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