I really didn't think I would be saying this based on the film's weak trailer, but Kung Fu Panda is the summer movie to beat so far.

Seriously, it's more creative than Indiana Jones, more fully satisfying than Iron Man, more emotionally gratifying than Sex and the City, and more visually arresting than Speed Racer.

It really has something for everyone, it's funny, thrilling, even moving. Jack Black is a hoot, and Hans Zimmer and John Powell provide a wonderful, surprisingly dramatic score that takes the film seriously without overdoing it.

I'll be writing a full review for Thursday's Dispatch, but be advised Kung Fu Panda is a real treat.

And no, this post is not a joke.


Anonymous said…
Told you ;)

No, I am kidding, I really thought that I would be the only one who thought it was any good, but I am glad a lot of people like it too.
Fletch said…
Yeah, I've been shocked how good the reviews for this have been so far. The marketing department and/or the agency hired to cut the trailer should be fired, because they sure made it look like crap.
Mattie Lucas said…
Yes Nicky, you told me. :-P

And you were right. It's wonderful. Fletch, I think you should abandon your 1% chance of seeing it in theaters and just go for it. It's worth it.
Anonymous said…
I know, right! The trailer was effing awful.
Daniel said…
Yup, saw it and loved it. SKIDOOSH, indeed!

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