The Best of Pixar

Vulture has posted a list of the Pixar films in order from best to worst (if you can use the word 'worst' in a discussion of Pixar films), and come up with a list that is so singularly bizarre and backward that it's barely worth mentioning (kind of like AFI's latest list, which I have not mentioned on the blog until now).

I don't plan on posting the list. If you want to see it you can click here. Instead, I offer my own list of the Pixar films in order:

1. Ratatouille
2. Finding Nemo
3. Toy Story 2
4. Toy Story
5. Monsters, Inc.
6. The Incredibles
7. Cars
8. A Bug's Life


Daniel said…
I think mine align with yours. WALL-E might take the top spot right now, and either of the Toy Story installments might land above Nemo on my list.

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